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Freaky Age - Masks (offical videoclip)


“Full of bluesy-rock-n’roll…album Living In Particular Ways is a corker” BEAT SURRENDER,UK

“Freaky Age takes you on a speed-date with the dirtiest, grittiest and most exciting out of seven centuries of horny guitar-violence.” HUMO MAGAZINE

“Catchy, deliciously nonchalant, deadly efficient, dreadfully precise.“ GODDEAU

“Enthusiastic and extremely cool.” SOUNDSLIKE

“Tight, energetic, catchy.” FESTIVALINFO

Freaky Age is a young alternative rock band formed in the capital Brussels. With an average age of 14 years old they entered Humo’s Rock Rally (in 2006), an important music contest. They were able to get into the final round of the competition which really kick started their career. ‘Time Is Over’ (released in 2007) became the first single, and the songs that followed also pushed through to the top of the charts on radio channels like Studio Brussels and Pure FM.

The first album Every Morning Breaks Out was released in 2008 under V2 Records. The singles ‘John What’s The Use’ and ‘Every Morning Breaks out’ were often played on the radio and their catchy melodies were hummed all along the country. But it was ‘Where Do We Go Now’ that really gave Freaky Age the label of successful rock stars. The single remained in The Afrekening (the alternative rock charts on Studio Brussels) for 23 weeks and stayed firmly on the top spot for 4 consecutive weeks.

Album number two, Living In Particular Ways, followed in May 2010. With this record and with the singles ‘Excitement In The Morning Light’ and ‘Never See The Sun’ they caught more attention of the media. This resulted in nominations for the TMF Awards and the MIA’s (Music Industry Awards). Freaky Age played a lot of important Belgian festivals that summer, for example Pukkelpop, Les Ardentes and Marktrock. When the boundaries of Belgium started to feel a bit too narrow, they decided to play in The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, the UK and South By Southwest in the USA. This last showcase festival made sure Freaky Age conquered stages in legendary clubs like The Factory in Manchester.

In 2011 it was time to get back into the studio to record a new album. Das Pop- guitarist and producer Reinhardt Vanbergen (who had also worked for The Hickey Underworld) was the ideal person to guide Freaky Age in the process of new discoveries and pushing the boundaries.

It became an intense year, searching for a new sound that would eventually get inserted by a clear sensitive note. (From The Heart Of) Glitter Lake is a varied album with melodic piano parts and strings. Freaky Age introduced the record to the audience on the main stage of Pukkelpop 2012, where the single ‘Masks’ immediately proved that the new musical turn was the right decision. With ‘Heart Is Gold,’ the latest release, they are able to plant their flag steadier into the musical landscape.





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